Tuesday, March 31, 2020

Topic Challenge - Week 2 (Viking Clothing)

Hi year 4,

For your topic challenge this week I would like you to sketch and write some sentences about Viking clothing. Here are some examples to get you started, but you can do your own research as well.

For your sentences you could write:

What type of clothes they wore. For example the name of the clothing and a description of what it was like.

Who wore the clothes - wealthy or poor Vikings.

What the clothes were made from.

Remember to sketch accurately and write neatly. Good luck!

Maths Challenge - Wednesday 1st April

Hi all!

Here's your maths starter for today!

Warm-Up - 7 Times Table

7 x 3 =
4 x 7 =
11 x 7 =
6 x 7 =
8 x 7 =
11 x 70 =
3 x 70 =
4 x 0.7 =
12 x 0.7 =

Main Activity - Reading Tables

Today we will be looking at reading tables. Look at this table and answer the true or false questions below.

Now look at this table about favourite activities a class enjoy:

Challenge: Create a table of the populations (research them if you can) of these countries in your challenge book:

United Kingdom

Write 3 questions of your own about the information in the table.

English Challenge - Wednesday 1st April (commas)


Continuing on from our look as commas for lists yesterday, we will be looking at using commas in compound sentences today.

Here is an example sentence:

Tom was thrilled to be chosen to sing in assembly, but Jim really didn't want to.

When we are writing this type of sentence we put the comma before the conjunction. Copy and complete these sentences. I've put the comma in the first sentence, but you will need to figure out where they go in the others.

The car was all scratched and damaged, because _______________ .

The weather was really nice in the morning but ________________ .

Sally usually likes pizza although _________________ .

Tricky Sentences - With the conjunction at the beginning.

If you don't complete your homework, then ___________________ .

When you cross the road, you should always _________________ .

Now have a go at writing a compound sentence about these pictures:

Use any of these conjunctions - but   however   although  when   if    therefore  

Monday, March 30, 2020

Maths Challenge - Tuesday 31st March (Statistics)

Warm - Up - 6 Times Table

Hi year 4,

We hope you have been practising your times tables. Here are some questions involving the 6 times table. Some of them will also require you to multiply or divide by 10.

6 x 3 =
6 x 6 =
8 x 6 =
12 x 6 =
2 x 6 =
60 x 4 =
6 x 60 =
7 x 60 =
1.1 x 6 =
0.2 x 6 =

Main Activty - Pictographs

Pictographs are a type of mathematical chart that uses pictures to represent numbers. Look at the following pictograph about school house points and answer the questions below.

Make sure you have understood the key - 1 square = 20 house points.

1. How many points do Ash have?
2. How many points do Oak have?
3. How many points do Sycamore have?
4. How many points do Beech have?
5. What is the difference in score between Ash and Oak?
6. Draw what 30 points would look like using the same key.

*Challenge* Draw a pictograph of this table to show the number of concert tickets sold:

You could make your own key or use this one:

English Challenge - Tuesday 31st March (Punctuation)

Hello everyone,

Today we will be continuing to look at punctuation. This time commas!

Commas For Lists

We can use commas to separate items in a list. For example:

For lunch I ate a ham sandwich, some crisps, an apple and a yoghurt.

Copy and complete these sentences adding at least three items to the list. Remember to use an 'and' rather than a comma for the last item!

I enjoy lots of subjects at school including _________________ .

My favourite video games are ____________________________ .

Looking out of my bedroom window I can see _______________ .

Write a list sentence of your own using this picture for ideas:

Now try writing a list sentence about this picture:

Challenge - Write an explanation for a year 1 pupil of how to use commas in a list. Keep it clear and simple!

Doncaster Stories

Hi all,
Doncaster Literacy Trust are organising some great competitions over the lockdown period.  I think this would be a great opportunity for your child to develop their creative writing skills and their love of reading.  
Here is a link to their facebook page - please take a look!

This week the creative writing challenge is set at The Frenchgate Centre!  I could see some amazing creativity from this!  Please encourage your child to take part.  It is such a great opportunity for them.

Happy Writing!
Mrs Clark xx

Sunday, March 29, 2020

Maths Challenge - Monday 30th March (Statistics)

Hello year 4,

This weeks' maths will be about statistics - reading graphs and charts. Here is your warm-up.

Warm-Up: Dividing by 10 and 100

Remember - The rule for dividing by 10 is that the digits stay the same but move 1 place value column to the right. We might need to remove place holders.

For example:

30 divided by 10 = 3

150 divided by 10 = 15

5 divided by 10 = 0.5

Solve the following:

50 divided by 10 = 

240 divided by 10 = 

300 divided by 10 = 

4900 divided by 10 = 

34 divided by 10 = 

67 divided by 10 = 

314 divided by 10 = 

Main Activity - Reading Bar Graphs